front view woman and man doing plank exercise

30 Day Plank Challenge – Level One

30 Day Plank Challenge from Today's Fitness Trainer The Plank is one of the most "sacred" of core exercises. The minute you say the word "plank", a look of fear comes across anyone who is being told to do it. This is because this exercise is challenging for EVERYONE who does it ... every single … [Read More...]

trainer using Skimble smartphone to track exercise results

Fitness Insight Podcast | Mobile Fitness Solutions

Mobile Fitness Solutions Starting your own personal training business doesn't necessarily require a massive outlay of costs of investment funding ... it could start with some creativity and your ability to get mobile using your own vehicle (or possibly a truck) and bringing fitness to clients or … [Read More...]

lion and quote, "it is better to live for one day as a lion than for one thousand years as a sheep"

Fitness Tip of the Day #26

Fitness Tip of the Day: Do something (good for you) that scares you every single day! Looking at yourself in the mirror and making a commitment to changing your life is a scary thing to do ... regardless of what you want to accomplish. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, get … [Read More...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger mind creates the body quote

Fitness Tip of the Day #25

Fitness Tip of the Day: Get mentally tough to get physical results. When it comes to any fitness program designed to achieve a fitness goal (i.e., lose weight, decrease inches, or even gain muscle) things rarely go as planned.  Unexpected challenges and obstacles get in the way of your … [Read More...]

woman doing abdominal crunch with stability ball

Lower Ab Workouts – Fact or Fiction?

Let's be honest ... we all have an obsession with abs (aka. "abdominal muscles") and lower ab workouts. In fact, scientists say the stomach is included as one of the top five traits humans are most attracted to (this list also includes a person's smile, eyes, breasts and hair). Regardless, this … [Read More...]

back view of muscular man

Back Workouts – Low Back Pain, Yoga and More

Back workouts are typically not high on the "to do list" when people actually get to the gym. People will literally arm wrestle for their favorite treadmill or elliptical trainer because EVERYONE comes in for a cardio workout. Unfortunately, it's a different story when you make your way to the chin … [Read More...]

sagittal plane, frontal plane and transverse plane

Planes and Axes of Movement … for Dummies

Regardless of how "nerdy" you may consider yourself, talking about planes and axes of movement can make your brain twist into a thousand knots!  The concepts and the terminology are incredibly confusing and are sometimes backward from what you might expect. Attempting to categorize and explain the … [Read More...]

various types of protein sources

Nutrition 101 – Protein

Regardless of whether you are a bonafide meat eater or vegan, we all need to include protein in our diet. This is because protein plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the body as they are the building blocks for life. Protein makes up about 16 percent of the human body and is part of … [Read More...]

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Things I Never Learned in My Personal Training Course

So ... you want to be a personal trainer? That's AMAZING! But before you venture down the path to becoming a certified personal trainer, and signing up for a personal training certification course, you probably want to know what you're going to get for the hard-earned money you pay ... and what you … [Read More...]