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TodaysFitnessTrainer.com, the best online resource for personal trainers and fitness professionals

Welcome to TodaysFitnessTrainer.com, the best online resource for personal trainers and fitness professionals!

Personal trainers and fitness professionals are continually challenged with keeping up-to-date and current with what’s new and relevant as it relates to fitness, exercise, and wellness.  Managing busy schedules, teaching classes and training clients, leaves limited time for continuing education, workshops, seminars, or certification courses.  TodaysFitnessTrainer.com, a fitness authority website, is an information resource designed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals.  The mission of the website is to:

  1. Provide current, science-based, and researched information about health, fitness, and nutrition to help the general population make good decisions about their health and wellness
  2. Provide fitness professionals (personal trainers, group fitness instructors and sports performance experts) a credible source for current, science-based, and researched information pertaining to topics that help them become exceptional leaders in their chosen fitness field and successful fitness entrepreneurs

Although some articles are directed to the general population and others are directed to fitness professionals, our primary goal is to provide personal trainers with a single location where they can:

  1. Stay up to date on current information on health, fitness, and nutrition (general and newsworthy)
  2. Share credible and trustworthy information with clients (and potential clients)
  3. Get a “refresher” on information learned previously in past certifications, workshops, and/or courses
  4. Access information about the business of personal training (i.e., business processes, marketing strategies, sales tools, etc.)

Unlike other fitness authority websites, TodaysFitnessTrainer.com is an informative site and is NOT designed to sell products or be biased in its delivery of information on the Internet.  The focus of the website is to share the wealth of knowledge provided by a team of carefully selected and qualified contributors, who bring years of experience and expertise in the fitness, health, and wellness industries to the website readers.  The information on the website is provided for personal trainers so they can easily connect their clients to trusted information.  It also gives personal trainers a central resource for quality content they can use on their own websites (i.e., interactive presentations, video links, printed programs, etc.) or eNewsletters or client handouts.

The information on TodaysFitnessTrainer.com is organized into the following categories:

  1. Understanding Fitness
  2. Fitness Workouts
  3. Food & Nutrition
  4. Tools & Resources
  5. Fitness & Business

Understanding Fitness

These articles focus on the science of fitness and exercise. This information is useful for personal trainers wanting to “refresh” their memory on the fundamentals of exercise (i.e., anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics).

Fitness Workouts

These articles focus on exercise workouts or complete fitness programs for the home and/or gym environment. These workouts are designed by our resident experts to help you achieve your fitness goals and get results faster!

Food & Nutrition

This category includes articles that focus on topics relating to food, diet, and nutrition. As in important component to overall health and wellness, these articles provide valuable information that enhance fitness and exercise knowledge for your own personal use, or as information for clients.

Tools & Resources

This category includes all remaining articles that don’t fit into any of the other categories and include:

  • Current news and trends
  • Fitness tips
  • Sample programs
  • Calculators and assessment tools

Fitness & Business

These articles focus primarily on information regarding the business of personal training. This includes information on how to run a personal training business, how to market yourself and sell personal training.

TodaysFitnessTrainer.com is a site designed for fitness professionals and personal trainers like YOU! Our goal is to ensure that the content provided is relevant to your needs (and the needs of your clients) and will continue to grow and evolve with the industry in North America and around the world.

Managing Team

TodaysFitnessTrainer.com is managed by a team of over 30 people from Today’s Growth Consultant.  The team writes our content for us as well as provides highly effective marketing.  To learn more about Today’s Growth consultant you can click here to understand what they do.  There is also an excellent Today’s Growth Consultant video on Youtube that will give you a full understanding of how they interact with their partners.  We love using this business for our website; however, if you doubt our opinion, check out how Today’s Growth Consultant made the Inc 500/5000 list.

Thank you and enjoy the site!

The Team @ TodaysFitnessTrainer.com