Best Fitness Apps – Workout Trainer by Skimble

trainer using Skimble smartphone to track exercise resultsSkimble ( is a FREE online fitness application (with mobile fitness apps for iPhone, iPad and Android) that offers fun, dynamic and social applications geared towards getting people active.  The company motto is “inspiring active lifestyles” … and they’ve found a way of doing just that!

Skimble Online

The Skimble website is an online social networking hub where people from around the globe can sign in and create a FREE user profile.  This interactive site provides features that help people stay motivated to keep moving:
  • Track physical activity (workouts, sports and trips)
  • Earn physical activity points and compete against others in your Skimble Network
  • Connect to friends via Skimble who are tracking their workouts near you
  • Compete with other Skimble members on the physical activity points leader boards
  • Post your activity and physical activity points to Facebook and Twitter

The site is strictly to track activity and connect to the member network.  All workouts and programs are accessed through the Workout Trainer mobile app (available on iPhone/iPad/Android).

Workout Trainer by Skimble

The mobile app that supports Skimble is a very well thought out application and platform.  It not only connects to the Skimble social network and community, it also includes an impressive workout library (with a wide variety of categories to suit the needs of the novice user all the way to the elite athlete).  There are several features that make it easy for someone to want to participate in the workouts and makes the experience feel like an interactive experience:

  • Each exercise provides images or video to show proper form
  • Exercise cues are available in both text and audio format (voices of real coaches and trainers are available)
  • A trainer provides additional motivational cues during the exercise
  • Workouts range from 5 to 60+ minutes in length
  • All workouts include a clock and timer for each exercise
  • You can listen to your own music during the workout (doesn’t interfere with the coaching and audio cues)
  • You can access the workouts using Apple TV
  • You can create your own workouts and save them to your account
Not only does Skimble provide a wide variety of workouts for people of all fitness levels, it also provides tools that help to keep participants motivated and on track:
  • Workouts are scheduled and Skimble pushes reminders/alerts to your mobile device
  • Skimble tracks physical activity points that ranks you on the monthly leader boards
  • Much like Facebook and Twitter, Skimble provides real time feeds of people who are doing similar activities or who are physically active in your area

Skimble GPS Sports Tracker

The Skimble GPS Sports Tracker compliments the Workout Trainer by giving Skimble members the opportunity to track all other physical activity they do during the day to collect points to add to their running tally.  Features of the GPS Sports Tracker include:

  • Tracking of over 45 sports and fitness activities
  • Recording of routes, pace, distance and elevation using iPhone’s GPS technology
  • Shares accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter
  • Allows members to compete on leaderboards
  • Monitors your individual progress over time

What’s the Catch?

Although Skimble is a free online application and Workout Trainer is a free mobile application … not everything is free.  Workout Trainer provides a handful of free workout programs for various fitness levels (casual, moderate and intense) but the majority of the programs must be purchased (an average of $9.99).  To access a complete library in addition to the standard library members have the option to upgrade your account to PRO ($24.99 for an annual membership).

The PRO membership provides the following features and benefits:

  • Access to PRO workouts (additional workout library)
  • Access to PRO audio workouts (voices of real trainers to coach during the workout)
  • Can create unlimited workouts
  • Advertisements are no longer visible on the screen during the workouts

The Final Word …

Skimble has done a great job of understanding the needs of today’s consumer and provided a way for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to fit physical activity back into their lives in an easily accessible, affordable and fun way.  For more information on Skimble visit their website at


  1. Truthfully you don’t even need gym equipment to get a good workout in at home. I play fitness class with my kids. We each take turns being the leader, my 3 year old just makes us do jumping jacks until were ready to puke, and my 5 year old likes to pretend she’s Tony Horton asking us how many reps we’re going to do of her pushups. I lead us through walking lunges, squats, mountain climbers etc. This game can go on for almost an hour!