PRO’s vs. JOE’s (and Jane’s) – Infographic


  Click image to download printable file Although making the decision to get fit may be the hardest one to make, it's the fitness budget (one that will ensure you get the results you are looking to achieve) that sets the stage for your long term success. As much as we wish our bank accounts were filled to the brim, the reality is that bills keep piling up and we are forced to spend our pennies wisely.  In a "do-it-yourself" world, where you can attempt to … [Read more...]

5 Traits of Great Personal Trainers

personal trainer with client on stability ball

Looking for a personal trainer is a lot like buying a new car.  If you are looking for a safe and reliable car, you go to your local dealership where there are several inspected and certified models for sale.  You look around the lot and find a car that looks right. You check out the specifications, built-in options, and any awards the vehicle may be known for (i.e., Kelly Blue Book or J.D. Power and Associates), which is taped to the backseat window.  When you … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert – ViPR Basics

women using ViPR

“Ask the Expert” is a series is designed to identify well-respected professionals in various fields related to health, fitness and wellness and get their expert opinion on questions relating to their field of expertise. The topic of this edition of "Ask the Expert" is ViPR and Loaded Movement Training. ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training and combines full body movement with load. Loaded Movement Training with ViPR effectively challenges and … [Read more...]

Finding a Personal Trainer – Interviewing the Candidate

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It's New Year's Resolution time and many of us break out our workout clothes and dusty sneakers, motivated to get back in shape and fit into our "skinny" clothes.  For those of us who need more than just access to a fitness club, personal trainers are a great option to get motivated, stay on track and get the results we are looking to achieve. But like all things, no two personal trainers are alike.  With over 250,000 personal trainers in the US, according to the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer (Part Two)

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If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer there are lots of things to consider to make sure the investment is worthwhile. Hiring a personal trainer is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. At the very least there should be one good reason for doing it. That reason, whatever it may be, sets a goal for you to reach and a timeline for the personal trainer to help you achieve that goal. Otherwise, you could end up dropping money into a bottomless pit … [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer (Part One)

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Whether you're new to exercise, looking to drop that last five pounds or are an aspiring athlete looking for that extra "edge" you may want to consider hiring a certified personal trainer as a part of your workout program. Watching Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels on "The Biggest Loser" gives you a glimpse of what certified personal trainers can do.  But not everyone is 200+ pounds overweight and needs to lose weight to reverse metabolic diseases (like coronary … [Read more...]

Personal Training (and Getting Real Results) in the 21st Century – Diet and Nutrition

dried fruit and nuts in cups

Although certified personal trainers are very good at providing information, feedback, guidance and motivation for their clients, in an effort to help them get the physical results they are looking to achieve, the majority of them do not have the expertise, knowledge or training to provide good diet and nutrition advice. Good nutrition and a healthy diet are essential to looking good and feeling good.  Most people tend to forget about this very important part of … [Read more...]

Personal Training (and Getting Real Results) in the 21st Century – Making it Fun and Tracking Results

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Technology can help make personal training and the results you are looking to achieve more successful for the long term.  In the two previous segments we discussed the inherent failures of personal training alone and how fitness technologies can help make personal training more affordable and how it can keep you motivated to continue with your exercise programs. Let’s look at more benefits to having a technology “workout buddy”. Fun and Enjoyable Traditional … [Read more...]

Personal Training (and Getting Real Results) in the 21st Century – Making it Affordable and Staying Motivated

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In “Personal Training (and Getting Real Results) in the 21st Century – The Basics” we outlined some of the inherent challenges one faces when trying to achieve real results with personal training alone.  Today we will take a closer look at the benefits of adding current technologies to help make the most of your personal training and exercise programs. One way to view fitness technologies is that they become a virtual “workout buddy”.  For most of us, we tend to … [Read more...]

Personal Training (and Getting Real Results) in the 21st Century – The Basics

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We all want to look better and feel better.  When January rolls around many of us break out New Year’s Resolutions that reinforce this, fitness clubs sell memberships in droves and personal training sales are at an all time high. Personal training is more popular than ever.  Today more than 90% of health clubs offer it, and more than 6 million health club members in the US are signing up for sessions to lose weight, get stronger, get more toned or just feel good in … [Read more...]