How to Improve Mental Concentration For Fitness Right Now

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Everyday, we need to concentrate on projects and tasks in order to do, be, create, and attain what we desire. We need concentration especially for fitness: to keep our head in the game, to choose the next play, to know the next yoga asana, the next move in a kata, to be in sync with a teammate, a dance partner, or a sparring partner. Everyone knows, for example, that getting in motion improves muscular and cardiovascular fitness and helps you look great, but not … [Read more...]

Fitness Tip of the Day #16

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FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: Focus your efforts on activities that will produce results. Distractions are EVERYWHERE!  It never fails.  Thoughts about work, family, phone calls, emails, text messages, television shows, video games, social media, "significant others", or food cravings deter you from giving your very best efforts at the gym.  You're like a puppy chasing after a shiny bouncing ball ... actually, a bucket of shiny bouncing balls! The decision to start an … [Read more...]

American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions – An Insider Review

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The American College of Cardiology (ACC) held its annual Scientific Sessions in Washington, DC, from March 28 – 31, 2014. Sports cardiology and physical activity were among the many, many topics covered at the meeting, with some interesting research findings that will be of interest to readers. Marathon Training and Cardiac Risk Factors In one study on physical activity, researchers determined that marathon training was associated with … [Read more...]

Patience: A Bodybuilder’s Greatest Virtue


Like most competitive bodybuilders, I started with other highly competitive sports.  For me ... it was gymnastics (a career that spanned almost 20 years).  My parents got me started when I was almost three years old because I was always flipping around the house, landing on my head and tearing up the furniture.  In an effort to avoid any potential injuries, they decided to put me in a controlled environment with a well-known coach so I could receive proper … [Read more...]

Strong is the New Sexy

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Okay ladies … let’s talk “sexy”. Marketing agencies, advertisers, and the media have done an incredible job of determining what men and women should think “sexy” means.  If you flip through the pages of this months Vogue or Glamour magazine, you’ll see page after page of long-limbed women in beautifully tailored clothing with pouty lips, perfect hair, and flawless skin.  Most times these women are on the arm of a gorgeous male specimen, wearing hundreds of … [Read more...]

6 Weeks to Sexy – Getting Results with Blake Worrall-Thompson

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It’s a really exciting time in the health and fitness industry—there’s a stack of unreal information out there and tons of research that is giving us more and more answers. We know more than ever before about optimal fitness and nutrition, which is good news! The problem though, is that people are more confused now than ever before as to what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of voices out there giving advice. It’s stressful! So, with my 12 years in the … [Read more...]

Fitness Tip of the Day #15

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FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: Schedule your workouts in advance to avoid getting off track. Life happens … and when life happens (i.e. responsibilities, emergencies, family obligations, etc.) our workouts tend to suffer the consequences. There are 24 hours in a single day. We spend: Approx. 8 hours in bed (if we get a good night’s sleep). Approx. 8 hours at work and/or school. Approx. 2 hours commuting to and from various destinations. That leaves a total … [Read more...]

Sunscreen Tips for Active People


With summer just around the corner, many of us are getting ready take out our summer gear, get outside and get active! Because of the warmer weather most of us start trading the long sleeve shirts and pants for tank tops, shorts and flip flops. That means more of your precious skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. After months of cold, harsh weather most of us are excited to be outside and under the warmth of the afternoon sun.  It feels good on our … [Read more...]

Relax: A Bodybuilder’s Oxymoron

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For competitive bodybuilders, the word 'relax' is one that creates a response that is the exact opposite!  This is because the word (a verb) is defined as the action of "making or becoming less tense or anxious’.  For a non-competitor, it might mean kicking up your feet with a cold drink, while munching on your favorite snack.  It might mean impromptu appetizers and happy hour drinks with friends on a Friday evening.  It might mean stopping at a fast food joint on … [Read more...]

Top 5 Websites for D.I.Y. Workouts

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No matter how long you've been in fitness, it's easy to get comfortable with a short list of exercises for each body part and a few routines that you know off the top of your head.  Unfortunately, a limited exercise "repertoire" won't help you out in the long term if your goal is to change the structure of your muscles (i.e., get stronger, increase muscle mass, etc.).  Luckily, there are amazing resources on the Internet that provide hundreds of exercises to add … [Read more...]