30 Day Plank Challenge – Level One

front view woman and man doing plank exercise

30 Day Plank Challenge from Today's Fitness Trainer The Plank is one of the most "sacred" of core exercises. The minute you say the word "plank", a look of fear comes across anyone who is being told to do it. This is because this exercise is challenging for EVERYONE who does it ... every single time (regardless of whether you're a fitness "newbie" or seasoned gym rat)! It's total body work that is concentrated in a short amount of time and makes you feel … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Mobile Fitness Solutions

trainer using Skimble smartphone to track exercise results

Mobile Fitness Solutions Starting your own personal training business doesn't necessarily require a massive outlay of costs of investment funding ... it could start with some creativity and your ability to get mobile using your own vehicle (or possibly a truck) and bringing fitness to clients or client groups. In this week's episode Pharoah Kafele (www.puravidaclub.com) and Andrea Oh (www.todaysfitnesstrainer.com) discuss their experiences taking fitness to … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Planning for Presales

scissors cutting ribbon

Planning for Presales Starting up a new personal training business or fitness studio is typically frightening because it requires overhead costs (i.e., lease on physical location, utilities, staff and professional services) and significant efforts to presell memberships/packages to ensure the business will survive once it opens its doors. When it comes to fitness studios or health clubs this is essential to ensure the long term success of the facility. Presales … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | New Neighborhood … New Studio?

urban neighborhood east village

New Neighborhood ... New Studio? In this week's Fitness Insight Podcast, the trio of superstar trainers discuss something that everyone has been asking about ... STARTING UP A NEW BUSINESS! With over 50 years of experience in the fitness business between the group, including Jamie Atlas (www.bonzabodies.com), Pharoah Kafele (www.puravidaclub.com) and Andrea Oh (www.todaysfitnesstrainer.com), they have witnessed and/or been a part of the successes (or failures) … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | The Exercise vs. Nutrition Debate

dumbbell and carton of eggs on hardwood floor

The Exercise vs. Nutrition Debate It's been a busy few weeks for the Fitness Insight "trio" of Jamie Atlas (www.bonzabodies.com), Pharoah Kafele (www.puravidaclub.com) and Andrea Oh (www.todaysfitnesstrainer.com)! Andrea came back from competing at the USAV Open Volleyball Tournament in Detroit, Pharoah just got back from Junior Nationals Physique Competition in Chicago ... and Jamie confessed he CAN balance on one foot and put on a sock! All jokes aside ... in … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Rolling with the Punches (and Growing)

girl in superhero costume and punching bag

Rolling with the Punches (and Growing) With over 50 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jamie Atlas (www.bonzabodies.com), Pharoah Kafele (www.puravidaclub.com) and Andrea Oh (www.todaysfitnesstrainer.com) understand what it's like to have to "roll with the punches" when it comes to adapting, growing, changing and making tough decisions to move ahead and succeed in business. Whether it's dealing with a client, an opinionated colleague, a manager or times … [Read more...]

The Truth About Sleep and Productivity

woman sleeping on laptop

In today’s busy world we’re all striving to get more done in less time. Productivity at work (and at home) is the ultimate goal ... but at a significant cost when it comes to our recovery and sleep. With only 24 hours in a day (and 28 hours of tasks on the "to do list"), how can we get the most out of each waking hour, and still get real enjoyment out of our lives? Sleep and productivity go hand in hand. To many, it would seem that sleeping less would give us more … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Community Events and the “Selfie”

iPhone Workout(500x333)

Community Events and the "Selfie" As a follow up to the previous Fitness Insight podcast (on Internet Marketing & Social Media), the topic evolves into discussions about community events, local outreach and how marketing strategies have evolved with access to social media and the Internet. Although volunteering at events and handing out free gear to event participants is effective it doesn't have the viral reach of a clever social media campaign. … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Internet Marketing & Social Media

social media icons on smartphone screen

Internet Marketing & Social Media It's summer and this is traditionally a "down time" for most fitness clubs, personal trainers and specialty fitness studios. The months between May and September are where fitness businesses start to tighten their belts and need to find ways to get creative about marketing in an effort to simply maintain their business.  Internet marketing and social media, in recent years, have started to play an integral role in the overall … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Getting to Know James Lawrence (The “Iron Cowboy”)

James Lawrence (Iron Cowboy) running on road with mountain background

Getting to Know James Lawrence (aka. Iron Cowboy) For those of you who may not be aware of what an Ironman Triathlon is ... GET READY TO BE SCHOOLED! This week the crew from the Fitness Insight podcast got a chance to sit down with James Lawrence (aka. the Iron Cowboy), an incredible and inspirational Guinness World Record holding athlete who is raising awareness about the epidemic of childhood obesity in North America by completing 50 full distance Ironman … [Read more...]