Fitness Insight Podcast | Community Events and the “Selfie”

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Community Events and the "Selfie" As a follow up to the previous Fitness Insight podcast (on Internet Marketing & Social Media), the topic evolves into discussions about community events, local outreach and how marketing strategies have evolved with access to social media and the Internet. Although volunteering at events and handing out free gear to event participants is effective it doesn't have the viral reach of a clever social media campaign. … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Internet Marketing & Social Media

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Internet Marketing & Social Media It's summer and this is traditionally a "down time" for most fitness clubs, personal trainers and specialty fitness studios. The months between May and September are where fitness businesses start to tighten their belts and need to find ways to get creative about marketing in an effort to simply maintain their business.  Internet marketing and social media, in recent years, have started to play an integral role in the overall … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Getting to Know James Lawrence (The “Iron Cowboy”)

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Getting to Know James Lawrence (aka. Iron Cowboy) For those of you who may not be aware of what an Ironman Triathlon is ... GET READY TO BE SCHOOLED! This week the crew from the Fitness Insight podcast got a chance to sit down with James Lawrence (aka. the Iron Cowboy), an incredible and inspirational Guinness World Record holding athlete who is raising awareness about the epidemic of childhood obesity in North America by completing 50 full distance Ironman … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Understanding Physique Competitions

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Understanding Physique Competitions The sport of bodybuilding has evolved since the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Lee Haney to include more specialized categories including: bodybuilding and physique for men (and physique, fitness, figure, bodybuilding and bikini for women). Against popular belief it takes more than just exercise and nutrition to significantly change the body to develop muscle mass, minimize structural flaws, create total body … [Read more...]

Finding FREE Fitness Groups is a great way to find people in your local area who have the same goals and relate to your journey.

As much as fitness clubs and the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (formerly the SGMA) would like you to think otherwise ... fitness is FREE (because getting fit requires nothing more than just "two feet and a heartbeat"). You don't need a gym membership to get physically fit or get results (i.e., lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, etc.). You don't even need to purchase any fancy equipment to make positive changes to your physical shape or your long term … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Sometimes Being a “Jerk” is Necessary

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Sometimes Being a "Jerk" is Necessary Most personal trainers do what they do because they LOVE helping people reach and achieve their health, fitness and/or performance goals. They build relationships with their clients based on hard work, trust and honesty. Of those three things, "honesty" is the usually the toughest one to stick to because the truth isn't always pretty. In fact, there are times where we have to be a "jerk" in order to help a client improve, … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Customer Appreciation and Reward

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Customer Appreciation and Reward As personal trainers our livelihood depends on the relationships that we cultivate with our clients over time. Our clients mean a lot to us, both professionally and personally (in some instances), and the best trainers know who to find a balance between the two when it comes to growing and maintaining a successful business. One way is by knowing how to best include ways to show customer appreciation and how to reward their clients … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | The “Goods” on Fitness Conferences & Conventions

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The "Goods" on Fitness Conference & Conventions Fitness conferences and conventions bring together people from around the world who have a passion for fitness, health and wellness. Everyone from commercial equipment vendors, government agencies, professional sports teams and celebrity personal trainers to researchers from ivy league schools and people interested in getting "fit". These events are held at select locations across the country and around the … [Read more...]

The Art of Napping … for Better Workouts

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Are you getting enough sleep each night? If not, you might want to consider napping for a few minutes to improve your effectiveness and productivity during the day (especially if you are planning on working out)! Although experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night, only 59 percent are actually sleeping for that long. That means two out of every five people may not be functioning at their best and may need a nap from time to time. That also means that … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Keeping Client Relationships “Professional”

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Keeping Client Relationships "Professional" The success of any personal trainer is based on their ability to build and maintain strong client relationships. People seek out a certified fitness professional when they are in need of help. They are not at their best and their confidence is in need of a boost. Personal trainers are there to support their clients through the rough times and help them stay focused on reaching their goals. Clients confide in their … [Read more...]