Ask the Expert – Women’s Health and Fitness (Part One)

Women have different needs, expectations, and motivations when it comes to fitness and exercise

Men are from Mars.  Women are from Venus. Although they are both from the same species, their thoughts, desires, wants, needs, motivations, and expectations are very different.  Although John Gray (the author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus") shed light on how men and women differ in relationships there are also significant differences when it comes to both health and wellness.  Over the last two decade, there has been an increased awareness of women's … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Fitness Certifications

education training word cloud

Fitness Certifications Fitness certifications have been around for quite some time ... but what value do they bring to personal trainers, fitness clubs, or personal training clients?  In this week's Fitness Insight podcast, Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh ( look at fitness certifications, their value to fitness professionals, and the business opportunity it provides for the … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Technology, Gadgets and Gizmos

woman on fitness ball with graphs and tracking

Technology, Gadgets and Gizmos Fitness is nothing like what it was back in the 80's!  All you had to do was put on your generic sneakers, Adidas running shorts and cotton t-shirt and you were ready to go!  With the release of new technologies like the Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch, the anticipation of the Apple Watch, clothing that tracks activity and movement, and a growing field of technology tools available to the consumer (to track and motivate us to exercise), … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Backhanded Compliments

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Backhanded Compliments Although fitness has been recognized to have numerous physical, mental, emotional benefits ... there is also a negative side. Backhanded compliments (and sarcastic remarks) tend to find their way into conversations between people who are dedicated to their fitness and health and those who choose not to participate. In this week's Fitness Insight podcast Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh … [Read more...]

September is National Cholesterol Education Month

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September is National Cholesterol Education Month and it seemed fitting to take the time to review the basics of cholesterol as it relates to heart health. What Is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance that comes from two sources: that which is made by the liver, and that which we ingest through dietary intake. The liver makes all that is needed for the human body to function properly (and it doesn’t take much cholesterol at all for our body … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Importance of Rest and Recovery for Clients (and Athletes)

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Importance of Rest and Recovery for Clients (and Athletes) We live in a world of excess where the perception is that "more is better".  Unfortunately, excessive exercise and inadequate rest and recovery in between workouts can lead to big trouble! In this edition of the Fitness Insight podcast, Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh ( continue their discussion on overtraining and the … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert – The Personal Trainer “Balancing Act” (Pharoah Kafele)

Pharoah Kafele

Of the 253,702 personal trainers in the United States (as reported by IBISWorld - February 2014) only a small percentage possess the experience, knowledge, drive, and characteristics to be true "role models" of fitness and health.  Pharoah Kafele is one of the rare few who dedicates his life to being an eternal student to his craft, is passionate about helping his clients be the best version of themselves, and practices EVERYTHING that he preaches (from exercise to … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Overtraining & Recovery

man holding knee sitting on bench at the gym

Overtraining & Recovery The relationship between personal trainers and their clients is one that takes a lot of effort and time to develop. It takes time for a client to feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly with their trainer, and to accept their help in reaching their fitness and health goals.  Once that relationship and trust is established, a client can sometimes take things too far.  They may go above and beyond the call of duty and work too hard … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility As personal trainers, we sometimes take for granted the amount of influence we can have on the lives of our clients.  When a person seeks out a personal trainer, they may be that person's "last hope" when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals.  In this week's Fitness Insight podcast, Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh ( talk … [Read more...]

The “Fifty Shades” of Fitness

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For obvious reasons, most of us are aware of the numerous benefits of physical activity and exercise.  These benefits are what the entire fitness industry is built on (but this doesn't tell the whole story).  Fitness (as an industry) is not just black and white ... there are fifty shades of grey in between.  For the past five decades the industry has marketed the positive side of fitness: Preventing metabolic disease Improving quality of life Looking … [Read more...]