Fitness Tip of the Day #18

Some days you win. Some days you learn.

FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: Every challenge provides us with an opportunity to either: Succeed at reaching our goal, or  Learn from our mistakes (which makes us better for whatever comes our way) Ultimately, there is no negative result to any obstacle we face in life ... it's all a matter of perspective!  If everyone saw an obstacle as an opportunity versus a game that we either "win or lose", every human being on earth would face every challenge with … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

people performing tai chi in a park

The health benefits of the ancient art of tai chi are, quite literally, legendary. Like all the martial arts, tai chi originated as a form of self-defense, but many today use it for other forms of combat: to fight stress, obesity, joint pain, disability, and loss of balance (physical and mental). Studies have shown that tai chi improves balance and coordination in seniors, and can reduce the risk of falls in the elderly. It also helps maintain and improve mobility … [Read more...]

Workout Music Mix – Zen Grooves

Workout Music Mix - Zen Grooves

Yoga is well known as a form of exercise that can calm the mind and body and decrease one's overall stress levels.  Music can provide the same benefits as it can "soothe the human soul".  By combining the soothing effects of music with the breathing and flow of many yoga postures you can take your yoga practice to the next level! Alexa Kelly, Moksha hot yoga and Aerial yoga instructor in Calgary (Alberta, Canada), utilizes the power of music in her classes and her … [Read more...]

Fitness Tip of the Day #17

eye of a tiger with caption

FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: Don't waste your time by going through the motions.  Train with intensity, commitment to the work, and a hunger to succeed! It doesn't matter if you are new to the fitness scene or have been a permanent fixture at your local gym for years, all people (at some point or another) end up "going through the motions" during their workout.  They are doing the exercises, but don't get the most out of their workout because they aren't: Working … [Read more...]

Workout Music Mix – Pump It Up

man doing barbell curls

When it comes to a really tough strength workout, motivation is something that you can't get enough of!  The right music can play a big role in helping you get to that last repetition or give you the "guts" to increase the weight on your last set!  Because it's always a good idea to change-up and update your workout music playlist, has put together a list of some of the best tunes to pump out those reps on the workout floor!  The hard rock … [Read more...]

Ask the Expert – Aerial Yoga Basics

Woman performing Danurasana (Bow Pose)

This is an exciting time in the area of health, fitness, and exercise as we are at a point where the industry is ready to move beyond cardio and weights! Functional training has become an area of interest over the past decade which has blurred the lines between fitness and sport performance and movement. Unlike most forms of exercise, which are bound to the floor (i.e., feet, hands, back, or front on the floor), activities that are suspended provide new challenges … [Read more...]

The Dangerous Life of a City Runner

man running in the city with taxi cabs

Running in the city is an extremely dangerous hobby!  Today I saw my life pass before my eyes as a white SUV (going 40 miles an hour through a signalled pedestrian crosswalk) came within inches of hitting me straight on.  Unfortunately, this is not the first (nor will it be the last) time this has happened to me as a city runner. I wouldn't call myself a serious runner.  Running has always been a part of my athletic conditioning or my workout routine.  As I've … [Read more...]

Workout Music Mix – Kick Up the Cardio

woman with headphones in workout gear

Workout music is an important part of how most of us get motivated to exercise.  In an effort to keep your music playlist up-to-date and helping you stay motivated to work your best at the gym, has put together a music playlist that's perfect for your cardio workout day!  This music playlist is over two hours long (2 hours, 15 minutes) and all music tempos range between 120 and 140 beats per minute (scientifically proven to be more effective … [Read more...]

Cardiovascular Fitness and Cholesterol

silhouette of man running with heart beat

A lot of attention gets paid to the role of cholesterol, particularly low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, in causing cardiovascular disease, and rightly so. Decades of research have offered plenty of evidence that as LDL cholesterol levels increase, so does the risk for cardiovascular disease—especially coronary artery disease. Thankfully, much can be done to keep LDL cholesterol levels in check, including diet and lifestyle changes. Regular exercise that … [Read more...]

Before and After Photos – Tips and Guidelines

Before and after photos provide objective information to show progress over time

Congratulations!  You've made the commitment to start a workout program designed to change the look and shape of your body (i.e., weight loss, muscle gain, increased definition).  A long-lasting result will require several weeks or months to get the results you're looking for ... so tools to keep you motivated and on track are essential!  Before and after photos are a great way to objectively document your progress along the way! There will be times where your hard … [Read more...]