Finding FREE Fitness Groups is a great way to find people in your local area who have the same goals and relate to your journey.

As much as fitness clubs and the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (formerly the SGMA) would like you to think otherwise ... fitness is FREE (because getting fit requires nothing more than just "two feet and a heartbeat"). You don't need a gym membership to get physically fit or get results (i.e., lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, etc.). You don't even need to purchase any fancy equipment to make positive changes to your physical shape or your long term … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Sometimes Being a “Jerk” is Necessary

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Sometimes Being a "Jerk" is Necessary Most personal trainers do what they do because they LOVE helping people reach and achieve their health, fitness and/or performance goals. They build relationships with their clients based on hard work, trust and honesty. Of those three things, "honesty" is the usually the toughest one to stick to because the truth isn't always pretty. In fact, there are times where we have to be a "jerk" in order to help a client improve, … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Customer Appreciation and Reward

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Customer Appreciation and Reward As personal trainers our livelihood depends on the relationships that we cultivate with our clients over time. Our clients mean a lot to us, both professionally and personally (in some instances), and the best trainers know who to find a balance between the two when it comes to growing and maintaining a successful business. One way is by knowing how to best include ways to show customer appreciation and how to reward their clients … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | The “Goods” on Fitness Conferences & Conventions

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The "Goods" on Fitness Conference & Conventions Fitness conferences and conventions bring together people from around the world who have a passion for fitness, health and wellness. Everyone from commercial equipment vendors, government agencies, professional sports teams and celebrity personal trainers to researchers from ivy league schools and people interested in getting "fit". These events are held at select locations across the country and around the … [Read more...]

The Art of Napping … for Better Workouts

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Are you getting enough sleep each night? If not, you might want to consider napping for a few minutes to improve your effectiveness and productivity during the day (especially if you are planning on working out)! Although experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night, only 59 percent are actually sleeping for that long. That means two out of every five people may not be functioning at their best and may need a nap from time to time. That also means that … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Keeping Client Relationships “Professional”

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Keeping Client Relationships "Professional" The success of any personal trainer is based on their ability to build and maintain strong client relationships. People seek out a certified fitness professional when they are in need of help. They are not at their best and their confidence is in need of a boost. Personal trainers are there to support their clients through the rough times and help them stay focused on reaching their goals. Clients confide in their … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | The Hardest Part About Being a Personal Trainer

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The Hardest Part About Being a Personal Trainer When personal trainers talk about what they do, you rarely hear anything negative. They do it because they want to help people help themselves. They do it to help people feel better about themselves. They do it because they can work for themselves and make a good living. It's not often that you hear the negative side of being a fitness professional. In this week’s episode of Fitness Insight, Jamie Atlas … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Fitness Club Member

Admit it! You do these things at the gym, too!

It's confession time! Have you ever found yourself doing things at the gym that feel a little bit "naughty" ... and wondered if you are the only one? You do things at a fitness club that you don't do anywhere else ... and act in ways that are uncharacteristic of what happens at work or in your own home. NOT TO WORRY! You're not the only one. In fact, you're most likely guilty of some (if not all) of the following fitness club "worst practices": Planning your … [Read more...]

Fitness Insight Podcast | Importance of Healthy Food and Good Nutrition

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Importance of Healthy Food and Good Nutrition When it comes to adapting and transforming the body the body through exercise and physical activity there is a four letter word (that starts with the letter "F") that doesn't get enough attention ... F-O-O-D!! No matter what your fitness goal may be (i.e., lose 20 pounds of fat, gain 30 pounds of muscle, run a marathon, have more energy for the activities of daily living, or to prevent the onset of metabolic diseases … [Read more...]

The Power of Visualization

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I often ask people how many hours a week they train their body. Although I get a variety of responses, the answer is usually a number between 1 and 5 hours.  I then ask, “How often do you train your mind?”, and get either a blank stare or a, “Huh?”. At this point I’m going to assume you’re familiar with the powerful effects of visualization (also known as mental imagery), which is “an experience that occurs in the absence of the appropriate external stimuli”. For … [Read more...]