Exercise is the “Best Medicine”

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Exercise has been described as “the magic pill”, because it is the one single thing that you can “take” or perform to get the most health benefits all at once. These benefits include preventing dementia and cardiovascular disease, preventing many forms of cancer, improving cardiovascular fitness, maintaining mobility, maintaining or losing weight and preventing obesity, and maintaining muscle strength, among many others. Many studies have shown that just staying in … [Read more...]

50 “Scientific” Reasons to Exercise

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50 Scientific Reasons to Exercise from TodaysFitnessTrainer Given the title of "miracle drug", exercise is good for you (which is one of many reasons to exercise)!  From boosting your mood to reversing the signs of aging, exercise can improve your life. But ... For those of you who are "skeptical" of the amazing things exercise is known to offer, TodaysFitnessTrainer.com has put together a list of fifty scientifically proven ways regular physical activity and … [Read more...]

Exercise for Kids – Growth, Motor Development and Sports

Physical Literacy

In the two prior articles in the Exercise for Kids series, you learned about physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.  The final article in the series puts it all together and discusses the stages of motor learning and touches on the challenges early and late developers face during this time in their childhood and youth. The Developmental Stages of Motor Learning Exercise for kids is not only good for their overall health, it's essential for proper … [Read more...]

Overuse Injuries and Training

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For some of us, exercising and working out is a "religion".  We look forward to our workouts because of how exercising makes us look and feel, what it does for our self-esteem, and how it provides an emotional "break" from everyday life. Although the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends some moderate-intensity physical activity most days of the week (if not all) but some fitness enthusiasts take it a bit too far. For example, some may spend an hour … [Read more...]

Mastering the Double Under

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Skipping (also known as jumping rope) is well recognized as a great way to burn calories.  For example, a 150 pound person can burn 11 calories per minute by skipping at a moderate pace (the same number of calories if the same person ran a 10 minute mile).  For individuals looking to take a more advanced approach to skipping, the double under is an amazing exercise to consider. To get started, a basic jump is a jump rope technique where the person jumping uses both … [Read more...]

Exercise, Cardiovascular Disease, and the Heart

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When people think about exercise, they naturally think about the heart.  Whether you are weight training, playing sports, or engaging in aerobic exercise (i.e., running, swimming, cycling), your heart gets a workout.  According to numerous studies, exercise and physical activity can not only prevent disease, it may even reverse the effects of various conditions, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.   To better explain the relationship between … [Read more...]

Exercise and Depression

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Exercise has long been recognized for effectively helping people shed pounds, get stronger, get more physically fit, and prevent chronic diseases (i.e., cardiovascular disease, diabetes).  In short ... it's a "wonder drug". Exercise has also been proven to be an effective treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD), also known as clinical depression.  Unfortunately, previous studies had not provided a clear indication of exactly how much exercise a patient needs … [Read more...]

Fitness Industry Trends for 2014

ACSM Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends 2014

The eighth annual Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends was recently released by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a prediction of the top 20 fitness trends for 2014.  Fitness industry trends are a reflection of the current needs and expectations of the general population.  The definition of trend includes the phase "general development", as opposed to a "fad", which is described as "a fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period". … [Read more...]

Exercise and Diabetes

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November is not only the month where the "turkey madness" begins (with US Thanksgiving and December's holidays feasts), it's also National Diabetes Month (in the US and Canada).  According to the International Diabetes Foundation, 371 million people worldwide live with diabetes.  In fact, diabetes affects an estimated 20.8 million Americans (about 6.2 million are undiagnosed and therefore unaware that they have the disease), with an estimated 1.5 million Americans … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Fitness

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Human beings have been engaging in physical activities throughout history to stay healthy and fit (whether they realized it or not), but the history of fitness didn't really begin until the 1970s. Prior to 1970, blue-collar workers held the majority of jobs in America. For this working class, manual labor was a normal part of everyday life. Pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, running and a wide variety of physical tasks were part of a typical workday. Exercising … [Read more...]